Kindergarten was a dream that became reality for King's Way United Methodist Church in 1964 and was taught by Maxine Tacke. We are excited to make that dream a reality again! We believe that kindergarteners learn best through hands-on, exploration and discovery. The world makes more sense when it is experienced physically. Our Kindergarten program is designed to stimulate children's curiosity to learn more about the world and to delve deeper into things that interest them. Class size will remain small with both a teacher and teacher aide. Our goal is to help your child become comfortable in a classroom setting and introduce basic learning skills while supporting the development of each child's self-concept.

Language and Literacy:

  • Recognize and write all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet

  • Write first and last name

  • Phonics and Phonemic awareness - use initial sounds and sound patterns to read words and blend consonant/vowel/consonant to write words. Children will learn that letters and sounds go together to form words.

  • Recognize and use rhyming words

  • Retell a story using detail

  • Write simple sentences using sight words and phonic skills


  • Use physical materials to solve simple addition and subtraction problems

  • Concept of time using clocks and calendars regularly in the classroom

  • Recognize and write numbers with a goal of 1-100

  • Basic measurement skills

  • Graphing activities

  • Count by 1s, 5s, and 10s to 100


  • Use simple experiments to introduce kindergarteners to the process of scientific inquiry

Social Studies

  • Expand the knowledge of the world beyond home and classroom to the larger neighborhood and community

  • Develop classroom rules that help people get along with one another

  • Identify maps as a representation of real places

  • Identify the flag as a national symbol and recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Students will have technology available as a learning tool and be offered enrichment opportunities to enhance their learning experience.